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Taste Bud Teaser

Includes one of each of our seven internationally inspired dishes.

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Taste Bud Teaser

Available in
Individual (£25.00) and
Double (£45.00)
portion sizes.

Like your meals to pack a punch full of flavour? We've got you covered with our taste bud teaser selection box which features an array of flavours inspired by Morocco, Thailand and India. Simply pop them in the freezer to store until you fancy heating things up!

Please note that the following selection is dependant on availability and should one of our meals be unavailable we will substitute it for another.

£25.00 for pack of 'Individual' Sized Meals
(around 300-400g per dish).
£45.00 for pack of 'Double' Sized Meals
(around 600-700g per dish).

Vegetable Madras
Courgettes, Butternut Squash and Cauliflower in a medium-hot curry sauce made with Turmeric, ground Coriander Seeds and Garam Masala.
Chicken Jalfrezi
Medium spiced chicken, coriander, chilli, cinnamon, tomato and onion curry.
Lamb Tagine 
Slow cooked shoulder of lamb with tomatoes, apricots, honey, fresh herbs and north African spices
Chicken Korma 
Chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices in a mild, creamy curry with coconut.
Chicken Tikka Masala
Diced chicken breast marinated in yoghurt and a spice rub, in a medium spiced tomato and fresh cream sauce
Thai Green Curry 
Fragrant and creamy Thai curry with tender chicken, green beans, red pepper and ginger.
Chilli con Carne
Spicy chilli con carne with kidney beans, cannellini beans and jalapeños.

We are able to deliver orders every week between Tuesday and Friday. Delivery dates can be chosen at the checkout with next day delivery available as an option if the order is placed before 2pm. All shipments are delivered by UPS in our special eco-friendly 'WoolCool'™ insulated boxes with icepacks, which will keep your meals frozen for a few hours after delivery to ensure you have time to pop them in the freezer. Unfortunately time slots cannot be given however we will issue a tracking number so you know what time to expect delivery.


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