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Food is fuel, but it's also so much more than that.
It's an experience, an event and when you share food it's also that much more enjoyable. Which is why we have started our "Share The Love" campaign.

Our campaign is simple.
For every meal you buy, we will donate a meal to a child in need.

How are we doing this? By teaming up with The Shonda Project, a small UK charity (1075035) who are dedicated to helping the children of Mombasa, Kenya, by providing food and education.


The Share The Love project was started Love Food's founder, Aaron, took a trip to Mombasa where he leant a pair of helping hands to Shonda and helped to build the canteen at the local school, so that we could not only help by providing meals but by creating a safe place for the children and staff to eat those meals too.

We were founded as a socially responsible business and we believe in sustainable businesses, so for every meal which is bought from us, we donate one. Transport of our meals wouldn't be feasible (they'd definitely melt before reaching Mombasa!) so the way in which this works is that we donate the equivalent of a meal, to Shonda, who provide funding to a local school who looks after local children. Child hunger is present both across the UK and the world, and so our pledge is that as we grow and sell more food, we’ll feed more children.

When you buy a product from Love Food, you directly fund a meal for a hungry child and become a part of our Share The Love process.

We receive regular updates from Joseph, a lovely Kenyan who manages the school in Mombasa and we've received excellent feedback on what our Share The Love campaign has done thus far. If you're interested in reading about the regular updates we receive, you can find more on our blog.


So buy a meal and relax knowing that you made a rewarding buying decision, and that a child, in a place not far from ours, gets to enjoy a nourishing meal that they wouldn't have otherwise had.